Web Design.

We love design and the reaction of clients have when they see the final product. We specialize in custom designed websites, from starter sites to advanced Custom Sitess, Html or Flash.


To get a custom web site you normally have to pay through the nose. Beyond the Box Design specializes in customizing a great site to fit any size business and budget. We even offer payment plans to further ensure that anyone can fit a great website into their business budget.

Starter Site - $795.00

If you have a small business and are just getting started, or if you need a web site and have a very tight budget, our 5 page starter web site package is just what you need. Note these are static html websites. Please contact us for a free consultation about your project.At a cost of $795, just supply us with a short list of sites with the look and feel you want or colors and pics that convey what you want your site to say, and we can have you up and running on the Internet in about 2-3 weeks.

We will include graphic images or photographs that you supply, take pictures at your business, or find images relate to your business. We also modify all links and text content so visitors to your web site get YOUR information.

Also included in this package: A discount on our regular hosting for the first year ($19.95 instead of the regular $29.95 a month), 3 free email addresses (your-name@yourwebaddress.com), and your own unique web address (www.your-web-address.com) hosted on our servers.

Site Redesign - $795.00

If you have a site that someone did for you on the side or you made it yourself and feel it is time it had a profesional face lift this is the package for you. We can get together with you and take that plain site and make it shine. Note these are static html websites. Please contact us for a free consultation about your project.

Custom Designed Web Site

Our custom designed web sites are your best option. After reading the details below, please go to our Contact Page, fill out our online form, and let Beyond the Box Design build a web site for you.

Design and Layout Concepts - $1,995.00:
A Beyond the Box Design project director will consult with you to gather detailed design and layout information. This information will then be used to develop three customized design concepts that meet your creative requirements. You will then be asked to choose one of the three concepts. If needed, the chosen web design concept will be modified and edited until it meets your exact specification. Each of the three concepts will consist of a home page and one top-level page. The top-level page gives you a good idea of what the web site will look like when navigating deeper into the web site.

Top-Level Web Page Programming - $175.00/page:
Most web sites have a top-level set of web pages that visitors navigate. These are the primary sections within a web site that usually include; Company Information, Contact Information, Products & Services, among others.

Sub-Level Web Page Programming - $100.00/page:
Sub-level pages are the pages that are found beneath a top-level page. For instance, your top-level "FAQS" page might require sub-level categories, such as; "Manufacturing Services, Maintenance Services, Consulting Services, etc". Since these pages will share design and layout of the top level page, most of the design and layout work is already done, therefore it takes less time to develop and is therefore less expensive. (Except in the case of photo galleries because they involve a lot of image manipulation instead of just text or tables.)

Note: A Web Page is defined as the approximate amount of content that fits on a standard 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper when printed. It consists of between 2 or 3 pictures or images, text, and various other graphics.

To determine the approximate cost to develop YOUR web site, determine the total number of top-level pages you think your web site will need, and multiply that number by $175.00. Then determine the total number of sub-level pages beneath each top-level page and multiply that number by $100.00. Add an additional $795.00 for design and layout development and you have a solid estimate of total cost.

A La Cart.

Do you have products you would like to sell worldwide? Well let us help you put your business online. We specialize in setting up clients with carts that work with CCNOW. CCNOW handles all aspects of the sale from the order to the credit card processing and direct deposit to your account. All you have to do once we set up your cart is receive the order, log in to update your account and mail the product. It's that easy.

Basic Carts start at $300. You will have your own log in and password so that you can adjust your products and prices at your descretion. Contact us for a free quote.

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