Domain Names

With no hosting fees, you can reserve your domain name here for future use. Only $9.95 to $14.95 dollars for each year, up to 10 years!

Domain Names are being registered at an astounding rate world wide. Don't let the domain name you need get away. You can register your domain name and park it on our high-speed servers free of Charge until you are ready to set up a hosting account. Beyond the Box Design will provide DNS service for your domain absolutely free! We just ask that you consider us for your hosting needs when you decide to set up a hosting account for your domain and let your friends know about this free service.


Don't forget you get Traffic Stats for FREE when you host with us at the Business level and up. You will get valuable Stats on your site that will help you analize your marketing effectivness and traffic free.. We have many custom configurations available, contact us for a custom quote.

Step 1. Tell us your domain name choices..
(If you have not purchased you domain name with us)

Options: 1 Year 5 Year 10 Year
Domain $ 14.95 $ 13.95 $ 12.95
Domain w/Hosting $ 11.95 $ 10.95 $ 9.95
FREE Domain forwarding at every level.
List of Available Features

* FTP Access
* Custom E-mail Addresses

* Web Control Panel

* Domain Names
* MySQL Database
* Fast & Reliable Unix Servers

(Features listed in chart)

Get valuable Stats on your site that will help you analize your marketing effectivness and traffic.

Step 2. Choose your Hosting Package below:

Features: Economy Business CMS CMS Pro SEO Pro
Setup Fee FREE FREE $149.95 $199.95** $ 75.00 per page+
2 Year Pre-Paid $ 70.80
$ 2.95 per month
$ 190.80
$ 7.95 per mo
$ 19.95 per mo
$ 59.95 per mo
$ 99.95 per mo
Annual Rate $ 41.40
$ 3.45 per month
$ 119.40
$ 9.95 per mo
$ 719.40
$ 29.95 per mo
$ 839.40
$ 69.95 per mo
$129.95 per mo
Bi-Annual Rate $ 23.70
$ 3.95 per mo
$ 71.70
$ 11.95 per mo
$ 419.70
$ 39.95 per mo
$ 479.70
$ 79.95 per mo
$ 899.70
$149.95 per mo
Monthly Rate* $ 4.95 per month* $ 14.95 per month* $ 79.95 per month* $ 89.95 per month* $199.95 per month*
E-mail Accounts 100 forwards 100 1000 Unlimited Unlimited
Website Stats N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes
FTP Access N/A Yes N/A N/A N/A
CMS Cart N/A N/A N/A Yes N/A
Site Optimization N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes
Data Transfer 2 gigabytes 8 gigabytes 16 gigabytes 24 gigabytes 24 gigabytes
Storage 30 MB 75 MB 200 MB 300 MB 300 MB

Step 3. We then send you an email with your login information.
(Available with Standard and up only for FTP access.)

*Monthly rate is a program where your credit cart or Paypal acount is charged once a month for a minimum of 12 months. This program is intended to spread out payments for clients to help them with tight or quarterly budgets.

**There are 3 set up fees depending on the clients status.
1. A client that has no website will be charged $795 for the site and $199.95 for cart installation and set up.
2. A client that already has a site will be charged $495 for cart installation and set up.
3. A client that already has a site designed by us will only be charged $199.95 for cart installation and set up.

All CMS Shopping carts carry a 3 year hosting commitment making their toal over the duration of the hosting including set up for an existing website between $2358.20 to $3539.20 depending on the payment plan choosen above. If you do not have a website our rates to create a basic look and feel to attach your shopping cart to is $795.

+This set up fees depending on how many pages the client has for us to work on.

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