About Us

Beyond the box Design is an industry-leading, privately held web development and print services company based in Modesto, California. Since 1999, our company has provided businesses worldwide with reliable, professional-class hosting, email, streaming media solutions, and other web related content. We are a friendly, accessible group of customer support experts, digital artists, and business developers focused on making your company successful, and focusing on the quality of service that is provied to you, the customer.

Our Clients

We provide hosting services to businesses of all types and sizes. Primarily Beyond the Box Design hosts sites for privately held businesses and the "clients" of "our clients". We host sites for small "mom & pop" ecommerce storefronts, all the way to handling high-traffic sites with full multimedia interactivity and a global reach.

Purpose and Reality

Beyond the Box Design has come to the Internet market to be a successful, reliable, and friendly web hosting company. Our aim is to be polite, accessible, and enjoyable to work with. We strive to deliver value in our service, and to understand and respect the inherit client/provider partnership that is created when we host another company's website and email. We will focus on security, uptime, and other "business threatening" challenges that face our clients. Along the path, Beyond the Box Design intends to be charitable to worthy causes. With a team of experts who understand the technology of the Internet today, Beyond the Box Design can give helpful feedback for business who are just staring out, or looking to re-organize. Learn from our 26 years of combined expertise!


Founded originally in 1999 by Hugh Costa, Beyond the Box Design is the result of a successful partnership with Digital-Next. As extremely satisfied customers of Digital Next, Beyond the Box Design was developed to fulfill its mission to deliver value-added web hosting services to its new and emerging web design company Beyond the Box Design. The excellent match of skills resulted in a successful formation of two entities under one company - Digital-Next and Beyond the Box Design.


Beyond the Box Design is a proud partner to many wonderful companies nationwide. We enjoy our reputation as expert website developers and intergrated-promotion strategists. Beyond the Box Design welcomes the opportunity of mutually benficial partnerships. If you have an idea how our companies can help one another contact us today.

Training & Affiliations

In addition to our degrees in art and computer graphics we go to training every year to ensure that we can provide you with the best graphics and websites possible.

We attend the classes at MacWorld every year to keep up on the ever evolving technologies of our industry.

This four day conference was invaluable. The tips & tricks we learned help us make your graphics shine and webpages load very fast.

In order to keep up on training between Conferences we use NAPP member materials.

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